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Here is a brief list of our current and former engineering Projects


DFM analysis for all PCB designs.
Safe launch support for new products.

Hitachi GST (formely IBM)

PCB Designs for special processes in the HDD heads fab.
Consultant Services in a FPC Supplier Selection
FPC Supplier defect notification support.
DFM Analisys for PCBs for very special processes.


FA support.
Training in DFM and DFT for all people related to new products.


Safe launch support.
DFM training.
Wave Solder training.
FA support.
SMT training

Continental Automotive

DFM analysis for all ABS projects in Cuautla Morelos, Mexico.
Design of special PCBs for experiments purposes.
DFM training for Continental Guadalajara, Mexico.

Continental Automotive Mexicana (Temic)

DFM analysis for PCBs used in ABS boards for SUV's, helped in locate some PCB manufacturing potential problems and some PCB Assembly problems using only the Gerber data, all of this based on IPC standards.


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