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Engineering & Consulting Services

We are a company focused on providin solutions to the industry, referred to equipment and processes of SMT - PTH, and PCB's Design. Providing Technical support, Consulting and Training. Based in years of experience and constant training in order to supply the best service to the industry.


Using gerber data before PCB fabrication to prevent hidden costs in the assembly process.
Very common process to assure quality to the lines or at least be aware of future process problems.
A physical sample is also acceptable.
Gerber data can be modified in traces width, lenght, etc. Pads can be modified in their geommetry or size. Drills can be move it or re-sized.
New connections or delete connections, adding components or deleting them.
Components sugestions for better solderability or assembly.
Latest CAM Software for DFM Analysis.
All of the above is supported against IPC Design standards IPC 7351 and IPC 2221A


Evaluation of PCB/FPC suppliers.
Data Base of Tests Labs for PCBs, Plastic parts and/or metallic parts.
Support in supplier defects, clarification against IPC standards.

New Products Development

BOM generation
Product Engineering
According ISO/QS standards

PCB Layout Design (given schematic)

PCBs for single sided to Multilayers
Rigid boards or Flex Printed Circuits
Using state of the art Layout CAD Software
According IPC design standards
CAD data also is acceptable
Check manufacturability using PCB CAM Software
PTH to SMT re-designs (using Gerber Data)


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